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Bernard Nicod


Founder, Le Groupe Bernard Nicod

Real Estate Magnate

  • #1 for Real Estate in French-Speaking Switzerland
  • Euro-Environmentalist / International Olympic Committee Sport & Environment Commission
  • Mega European-Philanthropist, Steward of Artistic & Cultural Treasures
  • Honorary Consul of the Republic of Panama

Building on his early childhood interests and passion, Bernard Nicod, Founder of Le Groupe Bernard Nicod, became the King of Vaud real estate and its entrepreneur extraordinaire as a young man. His remarkable childhood is chock full of experiences that tempered his personality and ultimately shaped the successful direction in his life.

As a child of 6, his father took him to the construction site of their new lakeside villa. Many years later, it became obvious that this intense experience had forever changed the way he thought about his potential role as a leader and influential businessman. Recently, he has referred to this site visit as his "first experiment." Today as the largest real estate agent in French speaking Switzerland, he cites many other examples that repeatedly demonstrate his intuitive nature for business. When he was a small child, he organized lotteries in elementary school for his classmates. As a teenager, he imported vests and Italian shoes. Nicod's name became synonymous for business acumen at a very tender age.

Following an educational path his father chose for him, he later muses philosophically about his boarding school at Saint-Maurice. "This school is a formidable school of the life, most enthralling of the obligations." True to his interests, he studies economic management.

But Nicod is not only known as a real estate magnate and "mover and shaker" of Switzerland, he is also recognized as an environmentalist, philanthropist, and steward of Olympic interests and causes.