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Craig Newmark from Craigslist
Gene X Hwang, Orange Photography


Founder, Craigslist

Customer Service Rep, Craigslist

  • Time 100’s Most Influential People in the World Today, TIME Magazine
  • Person of the Year Award at the 9th Annual Webby Awards
  • 5+ Billion page views per month
  • Craigslist serves 14.6 million visitors from 108 cities and 52 countries per month

Craig is a customer service rep and founder of craigslist.

He is a senior Web-oriented software engineer, with around thirty years of experience (including 17 years at IBM), and has learned a lot about online community and customer service as customer service rep and founder for for eleven years. He has compiled extensive experience evangelizing the ’net, leading and building, including efforts at Bank of America and Charles Schwab.

He is one of those guys you hear about who grew up wearing a plastic pocket protector, thick black glasses, (taped together), and who expresses his inner nerd via obsessive commitment to customer service to the craigslist community. Someday, he might get a day off.

In 1995, he started craigslist which serves as a non-commercial community service with classifieds and discussion forums. Craigslist focuses on helping people with basic needs, starting with housing and jobs, with a pervasive culture of trust. He brings with him all the glamor of George Costanza.

Craig is also involved with a number of community efforts, particularly involving mideast peace and new forms of media, involving participatory journalism and blogging.