Around The World In A Single Stroke
Around The World In A Single Stroke Commemorative Wine

The Wine for Around the World in A Single Stroke

Jim Clendenen, Acclaimed Winemaker, Founder Au Bon Climat Winery, and Distinguished Honoree produced an exceptional 2005 Pinot Noir for Around the World In a Single Stroke. At each Sumi-e Stopover Drue presented the distinguished honoree with one of the magnums of this elegant Pinot.

Creating the Wine 

True to Clendenen's impeccable sense of craftsmanship, this wine reflects his distinctive style and consummate approach to winemaking. This specially made Pinot Noir for the global tour showcases Jim's extraordinary talent to produce a remarkable vintage. In reminiscing about the process, he said, “The question was whether I wanted to make something more powerful, structured and architectural or more elegant, finessed, aromatic and transparent.” The vinter mused, “I went towards the seductive side.”

The Wine 

In an interview with Drue, Jim talked about 2005 as a year that allowed him great artistic flexibility and expression. The result is a wine of incredible depth, complexity, and balance.
According to star winemaker Clendenen, his Pinot achieves “a softness, a level of complexity that occurs by letting things happen rather than preventing them from happening.”

Inspiration for the Wine 

He concluded with a poignant tribute and toast to Philippe Engle. He said the Around the World Pinot reminded him of Philippe, with a richness and fullness, softness and finish, great texture but with a mineral edge.