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Coach Bill Walsh at Stanford


Legendary Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Architect of the West Coast Offense

  • Winner of 3 Super Bowls
  • Top American Football Coach of the Last 25 Years, ESPN
  • Professional Football Hall of Fame
  • 1 of 3 Coaches named to the all time NFL Team, Sports Illustrated

Throughout his eminent 35-year coaching career Bill Walsh has created champions at the high school, college, and professional levels, wielding a determined and businesslike approach designed to maximize the potential of players and coaches alike, and resulting in a seemingly unending reign of glory for all those who played his game. In his inimitable management style he emboldened the minds and invigorated the bodies of young warriors who united as a singular force on the field, undaunted by even their fiercest rivals. His inspirational drive and organizational insight, so applicable to today's aggressive corporate environment, fostered brilliance and dedication in players whose rewards were the most coveted of all sports trophies.

In 1979 Walsh took over as head coach and general manager of a lackluster San Francisco 49ers team, and acting as architect and engineer, began to design and implement precise and exacting strategies for not only the players but also his coaching staff. While his reputation as a first-rate offensive coach swiftly developed, the essence of his victory was a simple philosophy held by every Boy Scout of America: be prepared. The physical, mental and emotional focus of all practice drills was preparation for the unpredictable, for the unforeseeable, and perhaps most importantly, for the unimaginable. With Walsh the 49ers took on all comers, silencing doubters with title upon title, culminating in three Super Bowl.

Credited with defining the golden careers of Ken Anderson, Dan Fouts and Joe Montana, and with perfecting the style of play known affectionately as the West Coast Offence in the 1980's, Walsh was also generously instrumental in the grooming of other prominent Super Bowl coaches. This legend whose motivating force has spanned decades and inspired millions, was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 1993, and has since secured a resume as an NBC broadcaster, athletic director, author, motivational speaker, and Stanford University professor. A powerhouse by anyone's definition, Bill Walsh is not only one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, but a gentleman whose attitude and actions continue to galvanize us for the future.