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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


NBC Covers Coach Bill Walsh Signing Ceremony with Drue

Coach Bill Walsh with DrueCoach Bill Walsh with DrueToday NBC covered Honoree Coach Bill Walsh's Signing Ceremony for Around the World in a Single Stroke. The ceremony took place at the magnificent Hall of Fame in Stanford Athletics Arrillaga Family Sports Center. Enso 2007 was flanked by sparkling Sears cups and NCAA trophies, Stanford football memorabilia past and present including my Kick Off 100 commemorative print celebrating the 100th Big Game. Coach Walsh was regal as he approached the painting and spoke passionately about the significance of the project.

NBC aired the segment at 5 and at 6 and may re-air it for tonight's 11 o'clock news. Stay tuned. I will also be uploading more photographs and video clips from the day.
Coach Bill Walsh with DrueCoach Bill Walsh with Drue

Friday, April 06, 2007


Coach Bill Walsh, Around the World Honoree on Football, Brush Strokes and Dreams

Coach Bill Walsh with Drue
This morning I met with Honoree Coach Bill Walsh and reminisced about the trajectory of the Around the World project. He was one of the earliest supporters of the project, encouraging me to realize my dream of taking one single brush stroke around the world in a bold gesture of peace.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Ali Jackson, Jazz at Lincoln Center Drummer on Enso 2007

Ali Jackson, Drummer with DrueAli Jackson, Drummer with Drue
One of the finest drummers in the world, Jazz at Lincoln Center's Ali Jackson stepped within the rhythmic embrace of Enso 2007. And for a moment the Enso spun within the curves of the metaphorical golden cymbals of Ali Jackson. The Enso resembled a drum, a note, an ideation, and kept shifting "across the bar" of logic. Jackson had a particular understanding of the rhythmic complexity of the textures within the stroke.

In an in depth call and response we talked about the beginning and end of the brush stroke which are the closest together and yet the furthest apart. Jackson was struck by how the Enso visually represented to him the beauty of the tension in the major 7 and flat 9. Then we discussed these intervals and the Enso in "different registers."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


San Francisco Symphony Mid-Peninsula League and Upper League Welcome Enso 2007

San Francisco Symphony Upper League and Mid-Peninsula League Welcome Enso 2007San Francisco Symphony Upper League and Mid-Peninsula League and DrueToday Enso 2007 touched down in Atherton. I was invited as a featured speaker and performer for a special joint meeting of the San Francisco Symphony's Mid-Peninsula League and Upper League. When I arrived at the gates, traffic was being carefully directed for over 80 members who had RSVPed for the event and were not deterred by the heavy rain. The event took place in a magnificent ballroom of the private home of Sherry Burke and Dr. Robert Wolf, parents of Cheryl Burke, the 2 time Dancing With the Stars Champion. I performed classical and jazz selections and shared the on-going story of Around the World in A Single Stroke. Performing for this audience with their vast knowledge and love of classical music was thrilling. The audience appreciated so many nuances of the musical dimension of Enso 2007. An exquisite lunch was served at the conclusion of my performance.

I was deeply touched by Peggy Chamberlain, President of the Mid-Peninsula League of the San Francisco Symphony who shared that she chose the speaker for today carefully as this event only takes places once every two years! "When I saw Drue perform for the Peninsula Volunteers I said I must nab her for the League." Twila Woods added "We have been following Drue since she was at Stanford. So much talent in one body! And I know today we are only seeing a fraction of it." Nancy Greenbach, Co-Chair of the PV Diamond Jubilee and Atherton Dames Past President said she felt my presentation deeply resonated with her. A thought-provoking interactive conversation about the Enso in the context of Classical music commenced.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Matt Cohler, VP Strategy and Business Operations Facebook on Enso 2007

Matt Cohler, Facebook and DrueMet with Matt Cohler, VP Strategy and Business Operations, Facebook over white pomegranate tea and radish mint butter cucumber sandwiches. He arrived clad in a zipfront JAPAN non-hoodie, a bold rising sun emblazoned on his back. We traversed sumi-e, technology, social networking, and music. His response to Enso 2007 was that he liked its absence of hierarchy. In the bold brush stroke encircling the space, simultaneously empty and full, he noted a decentralized quality lacking in traditional Western compositions. We here in Silicon Valley are pushing the world towards decentralization, he said, and that's a good thing.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Coach Bill Walsh on the Superbowl and Drue's Enso as Football

Bill Walsh on the Superbowl with DrueExtraordinary lunch and meeting with Coach Bill Walsh, one of the 12 Honorees for my Around the World project. Bill's commitment dedication and positive belief in the meaning and potential of this project has been incredible.

We delved further into the meaning on Enso 2007 in the context of American Football and the Superbowl. I'll be posting some more of his insightful remarks soon.

He told me about his recent return from the first ever California Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, CA. Fellow inductees included Magic Johnson, Bob Mathias, Jackie Joyner Kersee and Tommy Lasorda to name a few. Bill praised CSHOF Founder and President, former Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro running back Christian Okoye's vision to honor those influential in sports in the Golden state. Bill also shared his recent interview with Bob Costas for HBO's "Inside the NFL" which aired last night.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Cory Ondrejka of SecondLife and Prof. Beth Noveck

Drue with Cory Ondrejka and Beth Noveck
A remarkable experience listening to New York Law School Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Information Law and Policy, Beth Simone Noveck and Cory Ondrejka, CTO at Linden Labs. Prof. Noveck aptly described Ondrejka as the creative boy wonder behind much of Second Life, the internet-based virtual world with 3 million user accounts. I was struck by her sparkling brilliance and ability to tease out strands of legal complexity with the greatest delicacy. I shared with Mr. Ondrejka the concept of Enso 2007---and Around the World in A Single Stroke entered the imagined space of the Metaverse. From bits to atoms, real and virtual spaces and places, suburban, exurban and web worlds, high fidelity avatars, avatars wearing bodies as clothing, the discussion was not bound by concrete reality. Ondrjka referenced the groundbreaking research of Stanford Prof. Jeremy Bailenson (Virtual Human Interaction Lab).

Cory Ondrjka’s comment that “innovation is created from the collision of disparate social networks” resonated with me since I have always envisioned Around the World as a project about juxtaposing worlds, creating unusual pairings, and transcending cultural and temporal boundaries both visible and invisible.

Ondrjka pointed out that much of what is built in Second Life can be created and then made to disappear very quickly as everything is ephemeral in this virtual space. It seems many worlds away from the Floating World but I wondered about the ramifications of a place with so much impermanence.

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