Around The World In A Single Stroke
Catherine Malandrino, Enso 2007 and Drue


Fashion Designer, New York

" I am happy to be a part of the Around the World project because so many of us have everything material. Exactly what we need in this world is harmony and peace. Drue has achieved something difficult capturing serenity, an abstract notion. She has given an image to serenity, something so far away in our memory. We all need it and are grateful in our society when we encounter it. This is what Drue brings in this moment in time with the Enso. This is what I call luxury.

Drue’s Enso is the Circle of Life, is creativity, is fecundity, is renewal. She has captured a timeless instant, a magic moment. And magic is something not controllable. Magic cannot be formatted. "

Catherine Malandrino