Around The World In A Single Stroke
Master Chef Charlie Trotter and Drue


Master Chef, Founder,

Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant

"What strikes me about [Drue’s Enso], is what strikes me about all profound art. You can look at this for 30 minutes and you can come back tomorrow and look at it again for 30 minutes and you are going to be overwhelmed because it is not something that you just see once and say I know this, I’m intimate with this, or I’ve memorized this. You can look at this Enso again, and again and again and it is still providing new meaning. At Charlie Trotter’s we try to approach our humble aspect of creativity that same way. And Drue’s Enso to me is just stunning. It has the ability to be something eternal and all great creativity and art perpetuates in this way."

Charlie Trotter