Around The World In A Single Stroke
Charlie Trotter and Drue


Master Chef, Founder,

Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant

" In [Drue’s painting of the Enso] there is a beginning and an end but an infinity at the same time, it’s larger than words. I love the simultaneous simplicity, but it is not simple and what appeals to me about what Drue has done---and to me this is the greatest compliment that any form of creativity or expression or art can be about --is that a very sophisticated eye can discern things that are profound but at the same time the uninitiated can come and also marvel in what’s there...Two people could be standing here side by side and looking at Drue’s Enso and saying wow. The learned person might pick up on things that are extremely different, being very taken by it. But then here’s someone who doesn’t really know, and they are also taken by it. And that is to me the ultimate test. "

Charlie Trotter