Around The World In A Single Stroke
Odile Gilbert, Styliste de Haute Coiffure and Enso 2007


Styliste de Haute Coiffure

" As I look at her Enso, there is a kinship between what we do. In the intensity of the moment, if you calculate too long or hesitate for an instant, you’ve lost it. You must be empty, then the intuition must be there ---Voilà. The camera—it is the only witness to the creation.

Her painting is not closed. It is a tunnel continuing somewhere in the universe, and a tunnel fundamentally is a passage between light and dark. This Enso, like beautiful hair carries a vibration.

There is great subtlety in the tones and textures of her stroke. Her black and white and grey have different colors-- so here Drue captures cold and warm, fire and ice. The feeling of rough and smooth, rippling and changing suggests a timeless moment suspended forever. "

Odile Gilbert