Around The World In A Single Stroke
Around The World In A Single Stroke Enso 2007 Drue

The Painting

In Around the World in a Single Stroke: Global Enso, one brush stroke poised in Time and Space invites the audience on a journey. Brushed by the bold ebony-inked stroke of a 2000 year-old art form, Master Sumi-e Artist Drue Kataoka captures the feeling of the infinite possibilities of a circle, the Zen Enso. Distilled in a single brush stroke, peace harmonizes with unity resonating with past, present, and future. A unified gesture encircles and embodies a spirit of inclusiveness. This nuanced ebony stroke is reminiscent of the creative process itself in all disciplines. Transcending cultural barriers, and challenging invisible boundaries, the single stroke, a timeless circle, provokes a dialogue.

The brushed Enso both arrests time and surrenders to it. As so many moments are compressed into one, both the timing of the creation of the stroke and the experiencing of the stroke becomes complex. One eternal moment contracts then expands. One ephemeral moment is regained only when it is lost. One unknowable moment unfolds across the immeasurable dimension of memory. Multiple time signatures are interlaced: The time signature of the artist, of the 12 honorees, of the viewer, of the season, of the earth. Tempos coil, rebound, and unwind.

Global Enso is a tribute to 12 Masters of Time in their own worlds. Bill Walsh a Master of Time, transforming the clock at the most crucial instant. Wynton Marsalis, Master of Time, subdividing, syncopating, and juxtaposing forgotten rhythms. Tokizo Nakamura V Master of Time unfolding gestures on stage across centuries of the great tradition of Kabuki. Odile Gilbert, Master of Time, sculpting ephemeral moments with eternal themes. Charlie Trotter, Master of Time, improvising with virtuosic technique in each Kitchen Session. Catherine Malandrino, Master of Time, reinventing each season in step with realtime runways. Jim Clendenen, Master of Time, re-imagining ancient vines in new world tempos. Craig Newmark, Master of Time, redefining the temporal crossroads of the Internet. Steven Spurrier, Master of Time, re-discovering the wine dark sea of knowledge. Bernard Nicod, Master of Time, redefining the cadence of landscapes while creating buildings' rhythms anew. Gerhard Casper, Master of Time, guarding the libraries of the future protecting the winds of freedom of the past.

Watch out for the larger-than-life twelfth honoree!